University Blockchain Research Initiative

What is University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI)?

UBRI is a partnership between Ripple and top universities around the world to support academic research, technical development and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency and , digital payments. Ripple is providing both financial and technical resources to university partners and collaborates with faculty and students on research and technical projects.

When does the initiative begin?

UBRI launched in June 2018. Some university partners began conducting research and technical development immediately. All partner programs are expected to be underway by the Fall of 2018.

How are partners selected for UBRI? What are the criteria?

Ripple is partnering with a carefully selected set of universities from around the world that are at the forefront of teaching, research and innovation in blockchain, distributed computing, cryptocurrency, cryptography, digital payments and related subject areas.

Current partners are academic institutions: 1) with existing centers of practice and faculty and students who already active and productive in related subject areas; 2) that are experiencing high demand from students and have related student-driven activities; 3) that bring a variety of perspectives from across a range of academic disciplines and technology; and 4) that contribute to the program’s overall geographic diversity.

What do university partners get?

Ripple donates financial resources to each university partner based on the scope of their blockchain-related activities. We also provide access to Ripple technology and tools for research purposes, and our team members work collaboratively with university partners, including faculty, students and staff, on a variety of initiatives.

Will Ripple add additional university partners?

For now, the UBRI team is focused on working closely with its initial group of partners to establish and develop meaningful and productive programs. Ripple will evaluate additional partners in the future

How much is Ripple spending on the universities program?

Ripple has committed $50 million to UBRI. Ripple intends to commit additional financial and technical resources and to provide continued access to IP and Ripple staff as the program develops and matures.

Do students from partner universities get internships at Ripple?

At this time, UBRI does not have a formal internship program with partner schools. Ripple does accept student interns, and encourage you to visit our careers page to find out more.

What is Ripple doing to include students with diverse backgrounds and experiences as part of this initiative?

Ripple is committed to working with university partners to ensure students with diverse backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to participate in activities that are part of this initiative, and to inspire them to pursue careers in blockchain, distributed computing, FinTech and related fields. A portion of Ripple’s donations to university partners is allocated
to ensuring student diversity across all UBRI activities tudent diversity across all UBRI activities. Ripple believes a more diverse workforce is a stronger and more sustainable one.

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