University Blockchain
Research Initiative

Ripple is collaborating with leading universities around the world to support and accelerate academic research, technical development and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments.

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Academic Partners


About the Program

We are proud to support universities on research, new curriculum development and technical projects. Each participating university shapes its own topics and areas of focus. In addition to financial resources, Ripple provides students and faculty with strategic guidance, technical resources and funding, where appropriate.


Through this program, we also hope to inspire students, including people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, to become part of the workforce of the future — in blockchain, distributed computing, banking and FinTech.

Ripple is excited to help create a more robust and valuable global blockchain ecosystem for all and to address the growing demand around the world for new technological solutions, use cases and talent.


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Ripple’s university partnerships team is working with UBRI’s 29 academic partners to help them identify research, technical projects and other academic activities they will pursue as part of the UBRI program. Ripple is not seeking additional UBRI partners at this time. For more information about UBRI, please review our FAQ.